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Seller Onboarding FAQs
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After delivery of the product to the customer aftyer 15 working days payment will be settled. Exchange period will be also counted before remittance. .

On borading Process: You will need
1- your PAN Card
2- GSTN Certificate
3- Cancelled Cheque,
4- Authorised Signatory
5- Signature Copy &
6- Original Trademark Certificate or Authorisation Letter / NOC on brand owner's letterhead.

To get onboarded on Yuvakaa, your brand should have a sizeable catalog width & quality product with a unique value proposition. If your brand qualifies basesd on approavl fom Yuvakka Order management team( please refer Yuvakaa defined Seller SOP as a guideline ), you can be onboarded within 15 business days. This might be longer during major sale events extending upto 45 days. "

"Free Listing : Uploading neeeds to be done by the seller at his end after taking required approval.
There are no charges involved in uploadoing the product."

"As the photo will be uploaded in the website and the product look and appeal will influence the sale , hence we need to ensure only good quality photos of the products should be uploaded, so that products generates high demand and triggers orders, Please refer Seller SOP - section 2 for detailed specifications.
Yuvakaa reserves the right to delete the prodcut photo, in case ot doesnt meets the defined speficication as per SOP section no :2.
Watermark in any photo is not permitted."

"No there are no charges for Seller On-boarding

* Note : In case Sellers is looking for specific and dedciated promotion of his own products at Yuvakaa, in that case charges will be applicable based on discussed and mutually agreed rate"

"We have YUVAKAA fulfilment warehouses, based out of Banglore and Mumbai, it's policy and costing are separate which we will be shared when requested. "

Based on the categories and product catalogue will be derived based on mutual agreement.

Its mandatory to accept exchange of the product in case of damage, error, color or size issue or any manufacturing and product pacakging issues. Please refer Annexure for category wise return policy for the details and related conditions applicable.
15 days from date of delivery
As per our policy, if a Seller requests for a closure of the account, the account will be put on hold for a period of 90 days to ensure smooth closure of transactions which have been made prior to his closure request and this will be available to the said Seller for downloading payment and taxation reports, if required. After 90 days, the Seller would be required to reach out to us confirming that he has downloaded the reports and requesting for a deactivation again. Upon receiving this confirmation, the Seller’s account will be deactivated provided there are no outstanding payments due from the Seller, with certain information being retained by Yuvakaa at all times, such as registered mobile number, registered email ID, GSTIN and other transaction related information. Such information is being retained for audit purposes and to prevent fraudulent acts by the Sellers in the future. If a Seller decides to commence his business with yuvakaa again, he/she will not be able to create a new account but the older account can be restored if it is required.


"Yuvakaa packaging materials are available on-request with advance payment, please reach to Seller support team.
In case Seller is managing packing material on his own, in that case he/she needs to follow the packaging specfictions and take approval from both Yuvakaa Order and Supply chain team.
For more details, please refer Annexure packaging category wise."

"Yuvakaa takes complete ownership for the shipments with its logisitcs partners. Self Shipping will not be permited through Sellers." .

" For Fragile Items: Bubble wrapping specially for glass, crockery, watches, sunglasses, decorations items, devices, clocks, digital and gift items etc .

-Ensuring sufficient packing box strength , - Temper proof Bob tape with Yuvakaa brand name ( supplied by Yuvakaa Seller support team only) & no usage of transparent tape
- In case of air gaps, please use bubble wrapping, thermocoal or spiral papers -Right-fit -Box should not be too large and too small- just right fit. So, that products are not getting compressed or shaken during the transportation or shipping to customers place.
-For new product :Seller should share the new product sample along with packaging box with Yuvaaka product and logisitcs team and take the required approval ( with seal and signature on the product & box with date) before shipping the product."

RTO costs needs to be owned by the Seller.

The products needs to be dispatched within 24 hours .


"Claim will be given by the shipping company as per their norms and process. Sellers have to provide proper packaging video and pictures within the defined time frame of the claim as per insurance policy .
Claim above Rs3000/- value product will be covered under insurance . Sellers needs to take the insurance for such products.
Sellers should mention on POD remarks of damages, shortages, temper, duplicates or fake products, all these dispute elements while accepting return from logisitcs company."

Sellers not fulfilling the orders within the defined time frame or any kind of other fault they will be penalised as per the policy. Unless, until forced major scenarios beyond control due to natural calamities or law and order disturbances in the local or regional area. In case of any forced major scenarios Sellers need to inform the company via e-mail communication and also over phone to Order management team of Yuvakaa.

Whenever we will promote discount offers, Sellers have to give us a special discounted pricing to ensure we get more orders at the market place.

Sellers needs to update the actual status of the stock ( real time, daily basis ), Failing to fulfill the Orders due to stock variation will be penalised.

Whenever we will promote discount offers, Sellers have to give us a special discounted pricing to ensure we get more orders at the market place.


"Yes product and packaging quality and timely dispatch checklist mandatory. "

Sellers needs to maintain a digital record showing both product content and packing was checked and verified by dispatch and quality assurance team, this record should be made available as and when required for that particular shipment and digital reports ( standard format to be refferd ) to be shared weekly to Yuvakaa Order management team for that week. The control of this document should only be with the quality assurance team, with the details of date , shipment number, quantity and the supervisor signature.
This record should be readly available for the YUVAKAA representative during visits.

A mandatory Sales and Operational( S&OP)eview meeting representated by senior person from Sellers team ( not less than Head of depatment, VP or director level) needs to be documented ( standrd format :minutes of meeting)and shared each month for review of progress of various action points discussed.

We should be able to audit 24 by 7 by any representative from our side , and Vendor is bounded to share all the details with us in a pre-defined format

When the product gets uploaded on the website then within a agreed period, vendor cannot change the price of the product. Changes in the product will be done after agreed period of time.

If the vendors can send the first copy( duplicates or copy )of the products.In case the vendor is keeping us in dark and sending the consumers the first copy of the product any compensation or penality that will be imposed on that case will be bear by the seller only.
YUVAKAA does not make any representations or warranties regarding item-specifics (such as legal title, creditworthiness, identity, etc.) of any of its users. You are advised to independently verify the bona fides of any particular Buyer you choose to deal with on the Platform and use your best judgement in that regard.At no time shall YUVAKAA hold any right / title to or interest in the items nor have any obligations or liabilities with respect to such a contract.
Yuvakaa is not responsible for unsatisfactory or delayed performance of services, damages, or delays as a result of items which are out of stock, unavailable, or back-ordered.

Yuvakaa does not make any representations or warranties regarding specifics (such as quality, value, and saleability) of the products or services proposed to be sold, offered to be sold or purchased on the Platform.

Yuvakaa does not implicitly or explicitly support or endorse the sale or purchase of any products and services on the Platform.
Yuvakaa accepts no liability for any errors or omissions of third parties in relation to the products and services.

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